Bachelor in Computer Application
Program overview
Programme : BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application)
Programme Code : 1032
Duration : Min. Duration 3 Years
: Max. Duration 6 Years
Eligibility Criteria : 10+2 in any stream or equivalent
Program Content
Semester I
Code Subjects Credits
BCA11 Computer Fundamentals and Windows based Applications 3
BCA12 Communication Skills in English 3
BCA13 Programming in C 3
BCA14 Data Structure 3
BCA15-L C-Programming Lab 2
BCA16-L Windows based Application Lab 2
  Total 16
Semester II
Code Subjects Credits
BCA21 Mathematics 3
BCA22 Computer Organization and Architecture 3
BCA24 OOPS with C++ 3
BCA25-L C++ Lab 2
BCA26-L Data Structure Lab 2
  Total 16
Semester III
Code Subjects Credits
BCA31 Data Communications 3
BCA32 Operating Systems 3
BCA33 Computer Graphics 3
BCA34 Client-Server Architecture 3
BCA35-L Graphics Lab 2
BCA36-L DBMS Lab 2
  Total 16
Semester IV
Code Subjects Credits
BCA41 Software Engineering 3
BCA42 Java Programming 3
BCA43 Relational Database Management System 3
BCA44 Unix and Shell Programming 3
BCA45-L Java Lab 2
BCA46-L Unix Lab 2


Total 16
Semester V

Subjects Credits
BCA51 Algorithm And Analysis 3
BCA52 Internet Programming 3
BCA53 Application Programming 3
BCA54 System Programming 3
BCA55-L Web Designing/ Internet Lab 2
BCA56-L Application Programming Lab 2
  Total 16
Semester VI
Code Subjects Credits
BCA 61 MIS and Enterprise Recourse Planning( ERP) 3
BCA62 Computer Network and Security 3
BCA63 ADA Lab 2
BCA64 System Programming Lab 2
BCA65-L Project: System Slide or Application Slide 6
  Total 16
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