Admission process at 3G University is as easy as saying YES! Below is an outline of the steps we’ll take together to get to your final destination!



General Admission process

The Admission process at 3G University is very easy to go through! An Academic and Career Counselor will guide you through each step leading to the final admission decision. Below is an outline of the steps in the application and admission process:

Step 1- After completing and submitting the application request form, you will be given an appointment for a telephone or face-to-face conversation (depending on your location) with an Academic and Career Counselor. This is an important opportunity for you to define your educational and career aspirations and explore whether 3G can help you achieve them. To prepare for this conversation you need to:

  • Identify your academic and/or career objectives/aspirations.
  • Determine when you would like to start the program
  • Provide a copy of your school transcript.
  • Make a list of relevant questions regarding the program, duration, tuition and fees. For on campus students, you can also ask questions on accommodation, study visa, cost of living and available facilities.
  • Some graduate students will have to provide a copy of their resume, letter of intent and reference letter.

Step 2-Since education is a self-investment, it is vital that you fully understand this commitment and what it means. At this step you need to speak with your Financial Aid Personnel to discuss your funding options and the responsibilities associated with them.


  • There is a non-refundable nominal application fee of $25 due with the enrolment agreement.

Step 3-Towards the last step of the Admission process.

  • When you are ready, review, sign and submit your Enrolment Agreement along with the $25 application fee.
  • Fill out and submit the Financial Aid application (for low income and underprivileged students).

Acceptance to the University

After completing all admissions requirements, the University administration authorities will review the information and inform applicants in writing whether they have been accepted for enrolment. If an applicant is not accepted, the candidate will not owe any financial obligation to the University except for the application fee, which is non-refundable.
The admission letter can be used to apply for a visa and accommodation (for on campus students). You will also receive detailed outline of the academic year, your chosen program including courses, class schedule, tuition/fee payment plan and other useful information.

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